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Are you suffering from an injury, illness, or condition that prevents you from earning income from work? Were you turned down for social security disability benefits?

Even if you have already applied for Social Security Disability or SSI benefits and have been denied, our Social Security Disability lawyer will work with you to appeal the denial. Our attorney, Jim Weeks, has helped hundreds of people just like you secure these important benefits.

The administrative process used by the Social Security Administration to determine eligibility for benefits is complicated and people can easily be mistakenly denied. An error regarding the nature or extent of your injury or condition can result in a quick denial. However, Jim Weeks has significant experience appealing SSD benefits denials and securing benefits. We also have a registered nurse on staff who works on social security cases.

If your injury or condition is expected to last more than one year and that injury or condition prevents you from doing any substantial work, you have a good chance of qualifying for benefits.

We understand how frustrating being unable to work can be. Our Jim Weeks also understands how important it is to you and your loved ones that you secure benefits.

Contact us anytime to speak with a SSD/SSI lawyer about how we can serve you.

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